Hornell Red Raider Football
The Hornell Red Raider Football Strength & Conditioning program is a year-round developmental program with an emphasis on developing core muscle groups and explosive strength used in football. Players are tested in the Bench Press, Squat, Power Cleans, and the 40 yard dash. Daily focus is on the use of proper technique, having a solid work ethic and positive attitude, and “pushing” through the challenges of each workout.

Workouts focus on the 3 Core Lifts, Auxiliary lifts to develop core strength, and supplemental exercises to develop some individual muscle groups.

The program is administered by Head Coach Gene Mastin and Assistant Coaches Mick Carretto, Mark Buisch, and Erik Werner.


Power Clean: to develop overall athletic strength, speed, and explosive power
Squat: to develop strong legs, trunk and “the base” for football
Bench Press: to develop general upper body strength



Power Clean
Bench Press
Rack Clean Box Squats Incline Press
Rack Shrug Front Squats Clean & Press*
High Pulls   Smith Military*
Hex Bar Dead Lift    
Hang Clean    
  * for general upper body strength



Abdominal: Med Ball Sit-ups, Cybex Ab machine
Back: Lat Pulls, Seated Rows
Biceps/Triceps: Curls, Tricep Press
General: Pull-Ups, Dips
Neck: Neck Machine
Shoulder: Front & Side Lateral Raises
Credits: Hornell Football thanks Mr. Matt Trout, Director of Physical Education at Conostoga Valley High School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for his leadership and assistance in helping us to implement our program.


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